Cycle Events in Bickerstaffe

The Parish Council has been communicating with Cycle Clubs who visit the Parish for road races, time trials, weekly meets  and various other cycling events, in an attempt to build goodwill and co-operation, by sending out letters to all club organisers containing the following issues.

These concerns are general and not specific, and are not aimed at any particular person or group, and are described in order to acknowledge some of these residents’ concerns.

The PC understands that it is often a small minority who cause problems for the rest on our roads:  the majority being responsible citizens and considerate road users.

However, some of the problems experienced on our roads are as follows:

  • a cyclist rode headlong into the back of a slow moving farm vehicle as they were racing with their head down;
  • a cyclist rode between two horses on a tight bend, one horse shied and was injured;
  • a rider caused a near-miss with a car when he rode onto the M58 roundabout without stopping;
  • cycle race marshalls block off roads which makes traffic accumulate;
  • some riders do not stop at junctions and have been known to get irate if a car slows down to do so;
  • residents at Barrow Nook have observed the telephone box being used as a toilet;
  • a bus shelter on Church Road had also become frequently used as a toilet;
  • the volume of the shouting can be disturbing to residents – early Sunday morning rides causing disturbances when cyclists gather in front of homes;
  • one event saw cyclists blocking the entrance to the Parish Field ignoring requests to move to allow a vehicle in.

Time Trial events cause other serious concerns also as follows:

  • the vehicles accompanying cyclists cause congestion as the drivers seem to ignore other road users by riding far out into the road, travelling quite slowly and without moving over if a trail of cars is building up behind them;
  • a cyclist rode the wrong way up the M58 – heading east on the westbound carriage-way;

The Neighbourhood Police Team have been informed of all of these residents’ concerns  in the past, as a lot of cycle groups use the Bickerstaffe area now; both at weekends, for one off events and during the weekdays and evenings.


Responses have been received from the various cycle clubs, and one such response can be viewed by scrolling over the link below then clicking on the pop-up link:

Cycle club response June 2019

There are cycle events on August 8th and 15th with St Helens Cycle Club.The organiser has promised to deliver letters to homes en route.

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