Cycle Trails


Bickerstaffe Colliery Cycle TrailsAddress

Bickerstaffe Colliery Cycle Trails, Bickerstaffe Colliery Plantation, Rainford Road,

Bickerstaffe, Lancs., L39 0HQ.

Brief Description

Lancashire County Council planted trees here in the 1960s on the spoil heaps of the old colliery when it became known as Bickerstaffe Colliery Wood Plantation.

Bickerstaffe Parish Council secured a  grant from Lancashire Environmental Fund in 2013 to provide the cash needed to create the runs and make the site safe and functional for visitors.

The Trails were set up originally as a joint venture between Bickerstaffe Parish Council, Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Environmental Fund, the brainchild of parish councillors who wanted to create something to do for the young people of the area.

The Trails have gone from strength to strength since then, and now have over 2,500 followers on the Facebook page*. A group of enthusiasts called” Bickertrax” volunteer to look after the Trails, picking litter, keeping the tracks safe, and clearing fallen branches etc.

*You can keep up-to-date with the latest news about the Trails by visiting the ” Bickerstaffe Cycle Track” Facebook page. There are maps there also of the correct footpaths to the trails if approaching from the west (the Church end).


Plan Your Visit

Please keep to the paths when visiting the trails, as the surrounding land is private, and to enter it is to trespass.

The Trails are colour-coded in terms of level  of difficulty, and the maps above is also at the site:  so please familiarise yourself with these as most visitors are surprised with the variety of routes and challenges the site offers.

There is also a footpath for pedestrians, and pedestrians are asked to keep to the footpath and keep dogs on leads at all times for everyone’s safety.

Motorised vehicles and horses are not permitted at the Trails for safety and insurance reasons.


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