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Welcome to the homepage of Bickerstaffe Parish Council website, providing information about the parish of Bickerstaffe in West Lancashire, and the business of the Parish Council.
Bickerstaffe Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government, and as such is closest to residents. The next tier of government for Bickerstaffe is West Lancashire Borough Council, based in Ormskirk, and the final tier is Lancashire County Council based at County Hall, Preston. The role and services provided by the Parish Council, along with contact details of our Councillors can be found on the Contacts page of this website.
Dates of Parish Council Meetings, copies of the Agendas and Minutes are  also to be found on this website. You can also contact the Parish Council about any issues relating to Bickerstaffe.
There is information on West Lancs Borough Council and other local organisations and events.
The intention is to enable residents to play an active role in the community, encourage participation in community activities, to inspire parishioners to attend Parish Council Meetings, and take advantage of parish facilities whilst enjoying living in Bickerstaffe.

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